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Kitchen Wisdom


Kitchen Wisdom

Tammy Korade

Everyday life.  Schedules, work, home.  I think my life is balanced.  Routine, multitasking, to do.  Am I awake? Aware?  I certainly try.  Then every once in a while, something happens that snags my attention.  The something, the thing, is not a flashing neon sign or a yell.  It’s more subtle, a detail, a comment.  Simple on it’s face.  But.  I do a double take.  The comment explodes in my brain and the ramifications bounce around like a pinball.


Scene: Kitchen, cleaning out the refrigerator. (Standard domestic bliss.)

I pull out the carton of milk.  I wonder how old it is, is it still good?  I take the cap off and take a quick sniff. 

From the kitchen counter, G offers “If you go into it thinking it’s spoiled, it already is.”

I give him an automatic half smile.  Then I freeze with the milk up to my nose.  That comment applies to more than old milk in the refrigerator.  Did he mean it that way?  I look at him and there is almost an audible click in my brain as things fall into place.  Yes, yes he did mean it exactly that way.  What a sphynx.  Knowing eyes.  Of course he meant it that way. 

Is it really that simple? 

The way my brain frames things influences the outcome?

The way my brain frames things influences the outcome.

The way my brain frames things influences the outcome!

What I think has an impact on the how I interpret things.  Independent events flow through the filters that my wonderful, complex brain layers on.  The filters are my thoughts and perceptions, and have the power to affect how I see things.  It’s very simple and comes full circle to awareness.  Honor each moment, be present in the moment, and don’t assume the milk is spoiled. 

Authors have long been writing about the power of the mind and perception, as my kitchen counter wisdom reminded me:

For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.  --William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. --Maya Angelou

Very wise indeed.  Another letter in my alphabet journey.


Family; Faith; Fault; Feminine; Fluid; Foment; Frame; Flux; Fluctuate; Fly; Fastidious; Fallow; Fair; Food; Fence; Fad; Faculty; Facile; Fan; Fabulous; Far; Fast; Fake; Fame; Frank; Frumpy; Front; Fix; Fracture; Fork; Film; Found; Flip; Flop; Flower; Flour; Fortitude; Frost; Flay; Figment; Focus; Flamboyant; Faint; Finnicky; Form; Faux pas; Flagrant; Flavor; Flax; Flex; Fop; Flame; Frantic; Furtive; Famished; Fecund; Folks; Fox; Flap; Friction; Fend; Fell; Foul; Force; Fry; Five; Fly; Filch; Friend; French; Fling; First; Fifty; Fetid; Frit; Filth; Fill; Fragile; Frail; Fled; Fountain; Fledgling; Friday; Fornicate; Functional; Frilly; Foofy; Fluff; Familiar; Flag; Flat; From; Fortress.