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Fear and Love


Fear and Love

Tammy Korade

“Why so fearful, T?”

Those words have hunted, haunted and taunted me for months.

I don’t like fear. I don’t want it. I would not consciously choose it.


It is known. It is comfortable from the perspective of familiarity.

I spent a long time living in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what others thought, fear of myself.

The past few months have been a cacophony of stress, drama, change, emotion and uncertainty.

The turbulence was like an unexpected punch in the jaw. I backpedaled and tripped into old patterns that I knew.

Why so fearful? Because G, it matters.

It: life; love; you; me.

Because it matters, I choose to change fear into love.

The change is a conscious metamorphosis.

Breathing through visceral reaction.

Acknowledging where I am and what I feel.

Owning my successes and failures.

Hugging doubt and vulnerability.

Learning from others and the world.

Listening to my heart whispers.

Embracing my inner warrior goddess.

Reminding myself that I am perfectly imperfect.

The shift in perspective allows me to open.  I can feel hope and joy warming me like sunshine. In turn, I share my heart and soul, letting them shine like light from my eyes.