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Plan Delta


Plan Delta

Tammy Korade

I’ve learned so much through only the first four letters of the alphabet.  I can’t imagine the adventures and growth over the course of the full twenty-six.  Then again, starting at A, I could not have envisioned the path I’ve walked, nor the place I am today.

Without noticing, definitely without conscious volition, some old patterns and habits crept back in. My initial reaction was a mix of frustration and anger, feeling that all my work had been for naught. I’ve walked this path and thought I moved beyond it. There were tears and regrets, initial avoidance, some flailing. When I was spent, ego once more knocked to the ground, I looked around with fresh eyes wet with tears. I chose to be a witness. From this perspective, I saw valuable lessons.

Everything in this world has something to teach us. We can choose to be open to learning, distilling out the life lessons. It is easy to embrace the good things—joy, success, love, birth. The challenge lies with remaining present with the good, without ego. The good things can seem easy, hearts and flowers and smiles. We can forget about a lesson in the face of positivity and bliss. Maybe the lesson is in the opposite, good can’t exist without bad. Life is not all feel good, it can’t be. We respect and appreciate the good because we know it is not an absolute or a guarantee. The good can be poignant and crack us open just as much as the bad.

It seems natural and normal to dislike and avoid the bad things in life. One certainly does not look forward to pain, despair, grief and death. While I don’t specifically request another helping of challenge or pain, I don’t regret what has been put on my plate. The life lessons learned from “the bad things” in life run as deep, if not deeper, than the wisdom inherent in the good things of life.

Calling a thing ‘bad’ or ‘good’ doesn’t change a fact, event or circumstance. I think the adjectives simply make us feel better. Clarity and perspective have helped me understand that how I choose to respond, what I take away and learn from events, experiences and situations is most important.

Different; Delta; Desire; Diamond; Delicious; Double; Doubt; Defenses; Delve; Deranged; Devil; Dam; Damn; Dimple; Deconflict; Discover; Doodle; Doll; Depth; Door; Dog; Dabble; Dapple; Depth; Din; Done; Dibs; Dimunition; Dichotomy; Desert; Dessert; Defend; Deep; Dour; Deflect; Dig; Dirk; Disillusion; Dram; Doily; Divide; Dizzy; Dock; Doff; Dogma; Dulce; Drum; Don; Dove; Down; Doze; Doozy; Drama; Droop; Drop; Drench; Drivel; Drill; Dry; Dead; Driven; Dusk; Dumbfounded; Drone; Deck; Duck; Drown; Draw; Desperate; Dawn; Disparate; Disco; Doppleganger; Diagnosis; Dastardly; Dip; Do.

I’ve missed my letters!