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Summer Rain


Summer Rain

Tammy Korade

Sitting on our front porch step

On a hot summer night after dinner

I’ve always loved storms

The electricity in the air, fresh smells blowing in on the rain

I see, feel and hear the storm tonight

I sit down with my feet hanging over the step

You come out and sit down next to me

Big feet and not so little feet side by side

We watch the clouds move swiftly across the sky

Pointing out the really quick wisps

We watch the rain come in waves

Wind moving sheets of rain, heavier, then tapering off

I see lightning out of the corner of my eye

I turn quickly to face you and my excited eyes meet yours…Did you see that?!

Thunder follows and with it heavier rain

The wind changes direction and moves rain over our toes

We scoot back only far enough to stay dry

We compare toes and talk family similarities

We compare feet and I’m shocked to see the size difference is minimal

In that moment it strikes me, it’s a conversation of equals

Sharing observations, thoughts, talking about nature

My throat constricts

The poignant moment takes my breath

You’re growing, not my baby or little boy

You’re independent, smart, caring and fun

Well on your way to developing your own personality and sense of self

My soul fills with love for the perfect moment and the sharing

These are teaching moments, life moments

I’m eternally grateful that we took the time out to watch the summer rain