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What I see in you


What I see in you

Tammy Korade

You rarely have a true image of yourself. How a person sees and feels about him/her self is colored by a filter of thoughts, insecurities, fears, doubts, and comparison. We hold ourselves to high standards, unattainable perfectionism, convinced others see the bad things about ourselves we can’t forget. Instead of victories and accomplishments, we see failure and lack.

The blessing of a friend is an impartial view, unobstructed, unprejudiced. A friend can see you more clearly than you see yourself. Someone else can see the best of us, put mistakes in perspective, see us as whole, human and incredible. A friend will hold up a mirror that reflects a beautiful whole where we persist in dissecting and minimizing.

You can hide your true amazing self behind walls, refuse to open. Oh, but the beauty is there, in your soul. I’ve seen and felt it sneak out in a giggle, a flash of a brilliant smile that lights up your eyes. When that beauty is unleashed, you glow.

 You feel unworthy

I know you as complete

You put yourself second

I see love and commitment

You see injury

I see motivation

You see pain

I see growth

You see poor judgment

I see wisdom

You see the rocky road you have been

I see a wide open future

You’re impatient to get to where you’re going

I see a learning path that takes time

You listen to the chatter of strangers

I hear the depth of your soul

You worry about fitting someone else’s ideal

I see you as perfectly you

You see a crash and burn ending

I see a phoenix rising from the ashes

You see boring

I see magic