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Tammy Korade

Strength is trying something new.

Strength is getting back up after you fall.

Strength is the belief in sunrise when all around are clouds and storms.

Strength is faith in your journey.

Strength is saying I’m sorry to yourself.

Strength is faith that spans the unknown gaps in life.

Strength is being able to admit you are wrong.

Strength is allowing yourself to be soft and vulnerable.

Strength is asking for help.

Strength is trusting when there are no guarantees.

Strength is being open to pain.

Strength is digging deep to try again.

Strength is one more step when you think you can’t go on.

Strength is being able to say I don’t know.

Strength is letting your scream loose to blend with Mother Nature’s thunder.

Strength is letting your tears blend with torrents of rain pouring down.

Strength is owning both success and failure.

Strength is saying yes to yourself and no to them, despite knowing it is the harder choice.

Strength is choosing honesty and compassion.

Strength is looking forward to the future.

Strength is breaking the chains to the past.

Strength will outlast your grief, your tears, your doubts, your pain.

Strength will unfurl and warm you like tea sipped before a fire.

Strength is always waiting inside you.

Strength is yours. If you can’t find your strength right now, hold my hand and share mine.