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You are grace


You are grace

Tammy Korade

When I think of you, I think of angels

Not the fairy tale wings or gilded harp

A glow from within illuminates your face

Your eyes light up and blaze with kindness

Your smile is the definition of bravery

The bravery is not for yourself, but rather your gift to others

I look at you and see wholeness, body, mind and spirit

I marvel at your intensity, passion and love

Bending and yielding to life and change, time and again

You are gentle and strong in ways I can’t describe

I’ve never met you but you are part of my soul

A mother’s love for a beautiful child

A woman’s smile with infinite mystery

Compassion from one human to another

Fingers twined, hands held for connection

I would give you life from my body if I could

You bring out the good in other people

For who can see you and remain untouched

A community grown and knitted together through love

Love for you and with you

May the love always burn brightly in your soul

So that it surrounds and strengthens you

Should you need to rest, take a breath, pause life for a moment

Know that a village stands ready, friends with open hands and hearts

We humbly bear witness to the grace you live and breathe

Your grace is why you make me think of angels